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Intuition for Healthcare Professionals

Vancouver Counsellor and Psychotherapist Joseph Eliezer talks to Health Professional Network on the subject of medical intuition from a neuro-scientific perspective.

How Psychotherapy Helps

Joseph talks about how psychotherapy works, touches on understanding of the unconscious and intuition and explains the value of counselling and psychotherapy for dealing with everyday challenges.

Intuition: Spirituality or Your Brain?

Joseph is being interviewed by WAYcafe on the subject of intuition from varying standpoints. Where does it come from? What does modern science understand about intuition? How can we use to better our lives?

Intuition for Personal and Business Decision-Making

Talking to a business group, Joseph approaches the subject of intuition from a neuro-scientific point of view and offers practical advice on how to implement intuition into our daily lives and careers.

What is Intuition-Enhanced Psychotherapy?

Vancouver Counsellor and Psychotherapist Joseph Eliezer gives a 2-minute interview to Heirloom Films about his counselling and psychotherapy practice. He talks about the benefits of Intuition-Enhanced Psychotherapy, his book Simply Spirit and well-being.